Five Tips to Spring into Better Health


According to the American Heart Association, about 70 percent of Americans struggle with maintaining a healthy weight and do not get the recommended amounts of physical activity. At least 150 minutes per week is recommended for adults and 60 minutes per day for children. If you’re not meeting this standard, just start where you are and gradually increase your activity week by week.

Use National Walking Day, Wednesday, April 7, as the day you kick start a month of more movement. Here are five tips to help you stay motivated:

  1. Wear a pedometer, fitness tracker or use a fitness app, to help you track your distance, activity or steps.
  2. Join a walking group or walking challenge. You can also meet up with a family member, co-worker or friend for a regularly scheduled walk to keep each other accountable.
  3. If you have a dog, take her or him for a walk. It's good exercise for both of you.
  4. Are you limited on space and time? Use parking garages or office hallways to fit in a short bout of activity between meetings or on your break.
  5. Encourage walking meetings to brainstorm ideas. You will have more energy and focus to tackle tasks creatively.    

Take a pledge to make your health a priority and find ways to move more each day.

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