Following up on your GOALS!


Did you vow to make a change this year? You’re not alone! Countless people begin the new year with high ambitions to change their lifestyles in some form or fashion. If you lose focus, don’t worry. Try these helpful tips to regain momentum.

  • Always launch change with a plan. Map out the journey you’re embarking upon. It’s tempting to skip straight to the action, especially when you’re feeling inspired to make a change. By winging it, you may ignore important issues, such as why you want to make this change. Make a commitment based on that knowledge, then plan a path of small steps that lead to your goal.
  • Start off at a reasonable pace. Rushing rarely works. Few of us are designed to go from zero to 60. In the exercise world, going too quickly puts you on track for injuries, not success. In the diet world, you get sick of nibbling only celery sticks and raw cabbage, and head for the chocolate cake. Let small, steady changes help you achieve what you hope to do.
  • Envision a happy outcome. Rather than telling yourself “I should be meditating every day” or blaming yourself for failing, try saying aloud “I feel calmer and happier when I meditate regularly.” Framing a change with a positive mindset allows you to be healthier and happier!
  • Expect lapses. Lapses are normal. Embrace them as part of the process, then brainstorm solutions to the challenges that derailed you. If necessary, whip out your plan to maneuver around lapses. And try, try again.

Source: Harvard Health