Make lasting changes

The quarantine lifestyle can stall productivity, putting a damper on your health and happiness. But, the extra time can also be beneficial if used wisely. Take time to focus on your behaviors and habits. What would you like to change or improve to achieve optimal health?

Empower yourself to get through this tough time by focusing on one thing at a time. Navigate new paths to fulfillment and use technology to include your loved ones to support you along the way!

  • Host a virtual healthy hour with friends and family to introduce new ideas and experiences.
  • Instead of whipping up a new recipe by yourself, video call a friend and make it together!
  • Reorganize a drawer or closet to clear up clutter. You may be surprised at the effect this can have on the brain and stress!
  • Use this time to reset unhealthy sleeping patterns.
  • Do something that makes you feel good like taking a bubble bath.

Lifestyle changes are a process and take time. Just remember to start small and build on healthier habits! Remind yourself that this pandemic will come to an end one day. In the meantime, make the best of your time. This too shall pass!