Coping with COVID-19

While our daily social networks and routines may be disrupted during this challenging time, it’s now more important than ever to practice self-care. Manage stress and anxiety one day at a time, taking moments to breathe, be grateful and hopeful. Try the coping strategies below to balance your well-being.

Be thankful. Practicing gratitude can boost immune systems, improve moods and outlooks. The calming effect of being thankful can lead to an improved quality of sleep. 

Meditate. Mindful meditation is scientifically proven to help you achieve emotional calmness, improve mental concentration and restore overall health and well-being.  
Take 5 to 10 minutes to reflect and focus on the present moment and break free from the clutter that clogs your mind. This will increase effectiveness and productivity. 

Express yourself. Journaling is a great way to meet your goals and improve your quality of life. Getting your thoughts out and onto paper can help release the stress and help you make important connections between thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Move your body. Exercise will not only help with some of the stress you are feeling right now, but it can prevent weight gain, help you sleep and boost your immune system. Whether you are taking a walk in your neighborhood or using an app for a guided training or yoga session, physical activity is an excellent way to cope during challenging times.

Eat well. Be well. Have fun with food while you are sheltering in place! Make your favorite recipes or try something new. You can even cook a meal with friends and family via face time. 

Have fun. Being quarantined does not mean you can’t have fun. Engaging in fun activities can help take your mind off other things.