A Little Physical Activity Can Go a Long way

If you’re looking to gain motivation and re-energize yourself,  refocus on your exercise goals! Exercise can have immediate and long-term health benefits as well as improve your quality of life.

Follow these steps to break through the fitness wall.

REFOCUS YOUR GOALS: Take a few minutes to reflect on your goals. Think about why you set them and what first motivated you to succeed. If you’ve discovered that the original goals you set were too lofty, make new, more attainable goals.

HAVE SOME FUN: Do your best to lessen as much unnecessary stress as possible. Get plenty of sleep, go out with friends and family, try new activities and don’t forget to laugh. Studies show that reducing stress in your life helps you recharge.

MIX UP YOUR WORKOUTS: Get out of your comfort zone and challenge your body with new exercises and activities. Try a new class, a different piece of cardio equipment or a different activity all together – like swimming.