Four Ways to Stay Sharp

Regular physical activity does wonders for your health and can delay the effects of aging. But did you know that exercising your brain can improve your brain health? Take these steps to activate your brain and reach your full intellectual potential!

Challenge your brain. Continuing education is associated with maintaining memory and thinking skills. Try building on your skills throughout your lifetime. Stimulate your brain by taking a cooking class, learning to sew or learning a new language.

Maintain healthy relationships. Social involvement is another way to maintain mental skills and memory. Engage in activities such as volunteering or tutoring school children. Social relationships can also provide emotional support, reducing the damaging effects that stress can have on the brain.

Keep moving. People who exercise regularly tend to stay mentally sharp. Exercise boosts blood flow to the brain, so a daily 30 - minute walk or taking a dance class could improve your cognitive health.

Eat Smarter. Increase your chances of maintaining a healthy brain by eating smarter! Whole grains, fruits, vegetables, omega-3 fatty acids, nuts and healthy oils help promote heart health and may also lessen the risk of memory loss later in life.

Sources: Harvard Health and WebMD