Make Mealtimes Meaningful

Eating dinner together as a family is not just about the food; it’s about the connection. Spending time together builds healthy families and healthy kids. Here are a few tips for making mealtime memorable!
Keep a question jar. Place a container on the dinner table with blank slips of paper, and whenever you think of a cool question, write it down and toss it in. “What’s something you can do better than your parents?” “If there were a holiday named after you, how would people celebrate it?” Once a week, use some of the questions in the basket to spark conversations at dinner.Shake it up. Every so often, have a wacky family dinner night. Eat with the big serving utensils or use serving platters instead of plates! You could even serve dinner as a picnic, outside on a blanket or have an indoor picnic in the living room or playroom.Have a reading dinner. Choose a book and read aloud while you eat. If your kids are old enough, they can take a turn.Enjoy special food outings. Have a regular,…

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