Emotional Eating During Covid - 19

  The stress and disruption of COVID-19 has many of us reaching for our favorite comfort foods. What better way to ease anxiety than to fill up on rich chocolate, salty snacks, or creamy potatoes? While we all enjoy food as a reward or occasional treat from time to time, it can be problematic if it becomes our only coping mechanism during emotional times. These brief binges are called emotional eating. The National Library of Medicine defines emotional eating (EE) as the tendency to overeat as a coping mechanism for regulating and reducing negative emotions, such as depression, anxiety, and stress. The age of Coronavirus is a tough one. Not only are we facing uncertainties, we’re also dealing with social isolation and loneliness which can lead to poor mental and physical health. Try these healthy tips to combat loneliness and avoid emotional eating. Reconnect with yourself. Instead of managing emotions with food, reflect and work through your emotions. Distract yourself. Keep busy wit

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